Congratulations on earning your Barnwell PORTALS KEY


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The PORTALS Key looks like this talisman. You can collect a sticker with the PORTALS Key talisman from the Barnwell Road Library.

To solve the final puzzle

You will need to have the final puzzle pieces from the four other KEYS.

X Marks the Spot!

Your four keys have given you four circles from around the map, each shown with an X on the top. You need to imagine those X’s are on the matching circles around the map. On the map, draw two lines to join together the imaginary ‘X’s as follows:


The point where the two lines cross is the actual location you need to visit to solve the final puzzle.

When you get there, find A 9-LETTER WORD GUARDED BY A BIRD OF PREY.

Visit the FINAL PUZZLE ENTRY page to submit your answer for your chance to win one of our great PRIZES!

Full competition rules are available here.

Brilliant Barnwell Bits n Bobs!

Did you know that …

  • The chapel of the Leper Hospital of St Mary Magdalene is Barnwell’s oldest building and dates from the 12th century. Here, people suffering from leprosy were treated and isolated from the rest of the community. The chapel is a Grade 1 Listed Building.
  • The Old Maltings on Ditton Walk are now home to numerous offices and small business units, but were built in the Victorian times to process and store malted barley for making beer.
  • In the Middle Ages beer was drunk in preference to water in many parts of the world as the brewing process made it a cleaner source of fluids.
  • Barnwell Junction railway station was the first station on the Cambridge to Mildenhall railway. It’s called a junction because the Newport and Brandon railway merged here, but there was never a platform at the station for that line.
  • The three halts on the line to Mildenhall in Suffolk (20 miles away) (Worlington Golf Links, Exning Road and Fen Ditton) had no raised platforms at the station, so a special carriage was fitted with steps down to ground level, and passengers for these halts were asked to travel in this carriage.
  • One of the first ever ‘World Cycling Champions’, Ion Keith-Falconer, was a 19th century Cambridge scholar and evangelist, who helped Barnwell labourers and slum dwellers by opening a mission in one of the theatres in the village in 1875.