Congratulations on earning your Barnwell PLAY KEY


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The PLAY Key looks like this talisman. You can collect a sticker with the PLAY Key talisman from the Barnwell Road Library.

To solve the final puzzle

You need to note this clue on the Barnwell 5 Keys

Brilliant Barnwell Bits n Bobs!

Did you know …

  • Abbey Leisure ComplexBarnwell has its own swimming pool and sports complex  – the Abbey Leisure Complex – which also includes all weather facilities, a BMX track, outdoor paddling play area and numerous sports pitches and courts.
  • One theory for the name ‘Barnwell’ is that it comes from ‘Bairns Well’, because children used to play near to the Priory well.
  • The tradition of playing and entertainment in this area are what led to the establishment of England’s largest fair and market at Barnwell. ‘Stourbridge (or Sturbridge) Fair’ was renowned for centuries (from the 13th century until the late 18th century) across Europe as a centre of trade, feasting and entertainment. It was huge! It was also the fair upon which John Bunyan based ‘Vanity Fair’ in his book “The Pilgrim’s Progress”. For many years, Barnwell was known as ‘Bawdy Barnwell’ on account of the variety of pleasures which could be enjoyed here. The fair was last held in 1933.
  • Street names such as ‘Oyster Row’, ‘Mercer’s Row’ and ‘Garlic Row’ close to Stourbridge Common recall the days of the fair. Oysters are considered a delicacy today, but at one time were the common man’s food in England!
  • Heading towards Cambridge, the Museum of Technology is just a short walk or drive away. It’s the building with a tall chimney. The Museum is open every Sunday afternoon from Easter to October and there are lots of great things to see and do!