Congratulations on earning your Barnwell NUMBERS & LETTERS KEY


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The NUMBERS & LETTERS Key looks like this talisman. You can collect a sticker with the NUMBERS & LETTERS Key talisman from the Barnwell Road Library.

To solve the final puzzle

You need to note this clue on the Barnwell 5 Keys Map.purple-k

Brilliant Barnwell Bits n Bobs!

Did you know …

  • An alternative theory for the meaning of the name ‘Barnwell’ is that it comes from the Saxon word ‘Beorna’ meaning ‘warrior’ – so it is the warrior’s well.
  • Marshall Aerospace is named after David Marshall who began the company’s original motoring business in 1909. You can find out more about this if you solve the Art & History Key! The airfield was originally known as ‘Fen Ditton Aerodrome’.
  • Whitehill Road is thus named because of the chalk exposed on nearby hillocks. The area around Coldham’s Common would once have been a source of chalk for the cement works.
  • Elfleda (as in Elfleda Road) was the 10th century Queen of Mercia (the middle part of England).
  • The Westering and The Homing are unusual names for streets built on the original site of Marshall’s airport. Were they the names of runways or beacons perhaps? (Let us know if you find out!)
  • In the 19th century the population of Barnwell grew from around 250 to over 28,000 residents. This led to a lot of overcrowding and excess sewage in the River Cam, which in turn led to disease.
  • Peverel Road and Close are named after the Peverel family of medieval times. Pain (or Pagan) Peverel was the Knight who built the original twelfth century Priory at Barnwell.

    Jack Hobbs - Cricketer - The Master

    Jack Hobbs, ‘The Master’ 1882-1963 (PD-US | PD-UK-Unknown)

  • Cricketer Jack Hobbs (1882 to 1963) was born in Barnwell. He was known as ‘The Master’, and scored over 199 centuries during his career as a county and international batsman. (Where in London is the blue plaque showing where he lived? Can you find out? We’ll give you a prize if you contact us via the website with this information).