Congratulations on earning your Barnwell NATURE KEY


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The NATURE Key looks like this talisman. You can collect a sticker with the NATURE Key talisman from the Barnwell Road Library.

To solve the final puzzle

You need to note this clue on the Barnwell 5 Keys

Brilliant Barnwell Bits n Bobs!

Did you know…

  • Bug hotel in Barnwell Community Orchard

    The Bug Hotel in the Community Orchard

    The Community Orchard behind the Whitehill Road allotments (accessed from Whitehill Road) was set up in memory of Councillor Margaret Wright. It has a number of young fruit trees and an amazing ‘bug hotel’ built by volunteers from the Abbey and Barnwell area!

  • Abbey People holds events for nature lovers and volunteers. Find out more at
  • A ‘bug hotel’ is a great way to encourage garden ‘biodiversity’ – useful insects, plants and other creatures. Find out how to make one for your garden at .
  • Barnwell West Local Nature Reserve (accessed by a footpath off Galfrid Road and from Barnwell Road) provides a home alongside Coldham’s Brook for numerous birds including kingfishers and nightingales. Water voles have been spotted here too.
  • Barnwell East Nature Reserve (off Barnwell Road, south of Barnwell Drive) was close to becoming a new area of housing and football pitches but this was prevented in 1992 when it was declared a Local Nature Reserve. The area is a habitat for spawning frogs and toads in the spring, grass snakes, and wild flowers including orchids.