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This Trail was created by Discovery Games Ltd with funding by Keepmoat Homes in association with Public Artist and Producer Zoe Chamberlain, and with the guidance and contribution of Abbey People.

Thresholds Glass Panel Art TalismanThe trail has been produced as part of the Thresholds project. Artist Zoë Chamberlain and glass specialist Louise Watson have been working with Cambridge City Council and Keepmoat Homes to create unique artworks specifically to be incorporated into the threshold of the new homes on Barnwell Road and Latimer close in Abbey.

The specially designed glass panels for the front doors and balconies have been designed with the help of young people from the neighbourhood who have generated starting points for the finalised designs.

Symbolic talismans have often been used to mark a threshold, to ward off bad spirits or show status. People often decorate the threshold of their home to represent their individuality. It is the point where public meets private, the threshold to the rest of the community.


This trail is © Discovery Games Ltd and may not be reproduced in any form, as a whole or in part, without explicit prior consent. Discovery Games Ltd advises that you undertake this activity at your own risk and that by taking part you accept responsibility for the safety of yourself and your party. Please take particular care when crossing roads and use marked crossings where possible. Look out for bicycles as well as motor vehicles. There is deep water in the vicinity of this Trail but no clues are sited near to the water’s edge. Take appropriate precautions and keep a watchful eye on small children throughout. Clues may be sited on private property but are all visible from publicly accessed places. Please respect private property, nature, artworks, statues and monuments at all times.

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